Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions, 1.12.2016 onwards.

Booking the space

Space for Free Arts is a forum for the students in University of Arts Helsinki to organize their exhibitions, concerts, performances and other events. The space is located in Katri Valan Puisto -park’s shelter in the area of Sörnäinen, Helsinki. The entry is opposite of Vilhonvuorenkuja 16. 

For whom?

Anyone who is a student in the Art University or has graduated (3 years from graduation) from the University of Arts Helsinki (Sibelius Academy, Theatre Academy and Academy of Fine Arts) can book the space. There can also be people not studying in any of these academies included in the working group but the person making the booking and carrying responsibility must be a student or alumni in at least one of these academies and be present in the event. Show your student card when you get the key. The organiser of the event takes care of everything necessary.

Booking the space

Booking through the webpage has ended. Book your event latest on Friday of the previous week of the event. Be in contact with the admin if you are in a hurry.

Booking happens by sending the necessary info through your uniarts e-mail to
vapaantaiteentila@gmail.com. The message has to contain following infos:

– messages Subject; BOOKING:(event name), date

– in the message:
+ event name
+ event description
+ date wished
+ optional image / poster; jpeg, pdf as attachment
+ whole name of the organizer, academy / status, active e-mail address, phone number


The space can be used only during 7:00 – 22:00.

The space can be booked for a project for max. 3 days / person / in a month if a public event occurs
in the reservation.
For simply rehearsal purpose for events happening elsewhere / not in Free Art Space, only 1 day is possible / person / in a month.


Groups / multiple persons booking after each other for the same event;
a single project can have max. 2 weeks time in the space in total.

If a single student desires the space for a longer period, for example in case of an event
related to final thesis; write a free from application containing same infos as a normal booking, added with specific arguments for a longer reservation. The applications will be forwarded to the Board of the Student Union which decides the cases individually.

Sometimes reservations are done simultaneously by people; the factual order of the reservations are verified by the admin.


Best way to reach are SMS message and e-mail. Phone calls on weekdays 9 am – 4 pm.

NOTE! There is no service in the space itself so if you need to attend the space then make an appointment with the janitor latest on Friday of the previous week.

Keys and tickets

1 key is provided for the organizer. The admin gives the key.

The organizer can sell tickets to the event. No support is provided by the student union
for that matter.

Price for other students is max. 5€. The regular price is can be set freely.

Organizers responsibility and cleaning

The organizers cares for all the possible mess, trouble or mayhem occurred in the space during the event. The organizers takes care of order during the event and sees that the audience doesn’t cause problems during or after the event in and around the Space for Free Arts.

After the event the space must be clean and all the technical equipment, tools, furniture etc. should be found from their original places.


The organizer can be provided subsidies max. 100€ in following conditions:

before the event…

  • the event infos – (date, time, program / exhibition description, ticket prices) are sent to vapaantaiteentila@gmail.com latest on Friday on the previous week.
  • the event is public and attendable by audience
    (> rehearsals are not qualified for subsidies )

…after the event

  • the space is clean and all the technical equipment, tools, furniture etc.
    should be found from their original places. Trashes have been taken to trash container outside.
  • the event has been documented

Receipts and documents

Following infos must be sent during 1 week after the event

  • 2-3 photos of the event
  • size of the audience in numbers
  •  bank account infos; IBAN, BIC
  •  good quality scanned receipts showing VAT (ALV) tax
  •  (optional) feedback