16.05.19 Swingers Club: Tristero Piano Trio & Ensemble Lemniscate esitys
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Swingers Club: Tristero Piano Trio & Ensemble Lemniscate

Swingers Club is a project, where new music groups change their repertoire with each other. Tristero (Helsinki) has designed a program for Lemniscate (Basel), and Lemniscate for Tristero. The works combine performance art and new music, taking office utilities, everyday items, lamps and microwave ovens as musical instruments. Both ensembles will perform together and premiere Andreas Eduardo Frank’s new work Performance Is a Monster (2019).

Ensemble Lemniscate (Basel):
Micaela Grau Durán, flute / performance
Valentina Strucelj, bass clarinet
Miguel Ángel Garcia Martin, percussion / performance
Andreas Eduardo Frank, electronics / performance

Tristero Piano Trio (Helsinki):
Eriikka Maalismaa, violin / performance
Emil Holmström, keyboards / performance
Markus Hohti, cello / performance
Anders Pohjola, elektronics

Composers: Kranebitter, Huber, Eizirik, Shlomowitz, Arola, Løffler, Raasakka, Frank

Space for Free Arts
Thu 16.5. at 20.00
Duration of the performance 90min

Tickets 10€
Students 0€
Uniarts personel 0€